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Adding CBD-A raw oil for Seizure/Epilepsy

We are now using a cannabis oil from a dispensary that provides LAB INFORMATION with strain variety and terpene percentage.  Hallelujah!!!  See label information.

Because of this it was like starting over because we use to get RSO (Rick Simpson's Oil) from a delivery that provided no information.

Therefore, had to figure out how the Charlottes Web CBD Oil should be adjusted, if at all. Rather, we started out with 2 drops of the new Dispensary Oil (98 Syringe, then re-named High Sierra).

Watched for behaviors that in the past presented seizure, (Example:  eye winces, facial movements, head drops, cuddling in blanket with head down on couch, red patches near nose and eyes, fever, excessive blowing of nose, coughing, sometimes more burping than usual - that can be a sign, inclusive of other things).  This I have learned is telling me I need to increase something.

We are now at: 6-drops High Sierra syringe - dispensary oil; 3.4 mL CW Oil, and .07 mL of CBD-A, the NEW RAW 'CBD-A' OIL.  The CBD-A provided analytic lab test results for their oil, with terpene profile also:

CW Botanicals, Now CW Hemp, also provides "Batch #" lab results if to call and ask, or if you have an older product, it is listed by the Batch #.  So now at least we know what we are getting!!

We put these oils in veggie capsules for use 3 times a day. 5am - 1pm - 9pm. Will show picture next time.

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