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PTSD, Chronic spinal pain since birth

Aloha Family!

I was dropped on the road from a moving bicycle at the raw age of 3 months old. I was not given treatment nor therapy since. Only in 2012, I discovered a chiropractor name Dr. Chip Abbadessa. He scanned my skeleton bone structure and found that my skeleton is worse than my 60 year old mother, for we both had MRI's done together. He found that I have bone degeneration in my neck 33%. I began chiropractic adjustments, yet got too expensive and I then ceased to get adjustments.

In 2013 my husband says to me, "Check this video out." It was a video of Dr. Courtney and Kristen's testimony that cannabis is a vegetable. My passion for cannabis began and open the floodgates of my newly found discovery, for I was 4 months pregnant with my first daughter Zion.

I germinated a hybrid seed from Brazil called Custom Cheese. It was the first plant I ever grew from start to finish. I juiced the leaves and mature flower throughout my pregnancy and right before I went into labor. My daughter Zion came out in 2 hours at 7:59am with a rainbow right outside my window. She weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces with a 13 cm head! She looked like snow white with black ebony hair and pure milky white perfect skin. I knew she was perfect because I followed the juicing regime of Dr. Courtney.