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MMJ saved my life

I am former military and a police officer. I was brainwashed over the years that was a useless plant and illegal and that's it, no discussion. At the same time, I am a lifelong Martial Artist with extensive experience and study into Acupuncture/Acupressure and Herbology (the use of plants as medicine). Living in California, the voters put prop 215 on the ballot in the 1990s asking for medical marijuana.

Remember I said I was brainwashed? I told my wife how bad this was going to be and how against it I was. She in turn told me "What about Cancer patients" "What if God forbid one of our parents got cancer, would you say it's okay for them to try it?". I thought long and hard on that question all the while battling all the stoners I envisioned should marijuana become legal medically. I figured ever teen would have medical marijuana cards for hang nails, trouble eating, trouble sleeping etc.

Now my story:

Lifetime of training in Martial Arts to be the best officer and training officer I could be took a toll. I would not report minor injuries at all and in fact concealed broken toes, cracked ribs and more during training since I didn't want to stop doing my career. That was till the day in 2011 when I want to get out of bed to go to work and couldn't. My back pain was off the charts. If 40+ years of Martial Arts training has taught me to take a lot of pain and to not submit to pain or injury, but this was bigger than my will.

I was continually jerked around by work doctors, taking forever to do anything. I started on the pain pills like everybody else while waiting for treatments, injections and surgeries.

I officially had to get a lawyer involved in 2012 because the department and city didn't care about me, and they retired me in 2013 medically.

My fight continues and will continue easily into 2017, so you can see I had a few issues.

I've had 3 spinal surgeries, both shoulders rebuilt, my left knee rebuilt and I still deal with PTSD, High Blood Pressure, Stomach Issues from all the Motrin and everything else they shoved down my throat.

I still have bone fragments loose in my right elbow that causes great pain when it locks up doing anything simple such as reaching out to shake a hand.

Oh and a severely torn Labrum in my left hip with massive arthritis and cyst's. Workers comp doctors on my side all say I need a hip replacement too but we haven't even started fighting this battle.

Okay, well some time around 2014, my wife showed me Sanjay Gupta's Weed special and I watched Charlotte Figi having hundreds of seziure and then after some CBD oil they stopped. I cried and got real pissed at my own Governmentfor lying to me and I told my wife (who has fibromyalgia btw and who was also on pain meds) that we needed to not be scared of being arrested and we needed to try it. I have to admit that I no longer trust my government not to try and screw me over, but I couldn't go on taking 20-30 pills over the course of a day.

So we tried MMJ and it took a lot of different testing on our parts as to strains and ingestion methods. We are about 2 years into our experiment and I am off ALL pain meds (2 Vicodin HP every 4 hours and Fentanyl 75mcg patches ever 48 hours) when I went cold turkey.

I now don't take blood pressure meds, pain meds, no NSAIDS, and now am down to only about 1 pill in the AM and two at night (as an older guy I need these or using the restroom would be impossible) and that's pretty much it.

MMJ saved my life

Don't believe the lies