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Cannabis for Fibromyalgia pain?

Has anyone tried Cannabis for fibromyalgia pain?  If so, what kind worked best?

YES. It is working great. My 2 kids are also sick with it. Both have been treating with cannabis both are now off narcotics for pain and I'm currently reducing my dosage to get off them too. I feel better than I have in years.

I eat fresh raw cannabis and smoke if  my pain intolerable. My adult kids eat raw and smoke. This is new to me, but is changing my life.

I'm in Kentucky so it is hard to have continuous  good supply but every strain I've used has been beneficial.

It seems to be regulating my systems , reducing pain andfatigue and allowing m  to do much more. I have had FM for 8 years and travel do  the best docs in the country so I know I'm getting the best treatment available, but cannabis has helped so much. I would encourage you to look into it. I believe eatin g   it raw, not warmed, delivers the best results for me without the THC side effects.  If your pain is hi ggg  , especially at ni ggg t, smoking statically really helps us.

GOD bless



Does eating raw hemp deliver the same benefits as eating raw marijuana?

I'm in Kentucky. I have an autoimmune disease, severe fibromyalgia and systematic exertion intolerance disease ( formerly known as CFIDS). I have been eating fresh raw marijuana leaves ND I  has improved my health, treated my pain and given me energy.

MY access is running out & I am upset. My quality of life has been so improved.. I have 2 kids with th  same diseases and they are doin  so much better...

If hemp works what kind should I try to grow and how do I do it??

Thank you for any help.