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4 Common Training Mistakes

First: Always reward your dog for sitting quietly on their own. Create a comfortable and inviting space for your dog to rest. Go out and get your dog the kind of bed they would most likely prefer. Gremlin loves to sleep on stray pillows around the house, so for him the more plush, the better. If your dog isn't into that, try a padded mat. Anything that will entice your dog to come over and stay awhile. If you want to kennel your dog when you leave, make the kennel a quiet and safe place. Add a kennel mat to make their kennel time more comfortable (unless your dog is a destructive chewer!). Every time they are sitting quietly on their mat or in their kennel praise them calmly and reward them with a treat or a favorite toy. You will also need to be sure to train them to respond to a calming cue. Sit is usually the easiest for most dogs. Use this command before giving food, treats, toys, and affection. It's important that they are consistent with this command.

Second: Start teaching independence by starting off their resting place close to you. Where ever you spend the most time, start there. Rewarding them for calmly sitting there, gradually move their bed or kennel closer to where you'd like it to stay. This will be a very gradual process. You should expect to spend a week or more working this angle. Always remember to ignore attention-seeking behavior. When they are looking for attention, respond by giving the calming command from step one and then give it to them calmly. It is very important not to punish your dog for their anxiety because it can make it worse.