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"this amazing gift from God - Cannabis."

I am a 62 year old woman diagnosed with advanced Glaucoma. Five years ago my husband and I moved from my home in New Orleans to northern California so as to use cannabis for my condition. After living here for about one year I decided to eliminate the drops and use cannabis exclusively.

Since this time the degeneration of my glaucoma has ceased. Not only has it improved physical ailments, but has also allowed me to face difficult memories due to an unusual experience I underwent 20 years ago leaving me with post traumatic stress syndrome. My husband and I together have twelve children and twenty three grandchildren, some of whom we have never met due to federal restrictions placed on cannabis. I can honestly say facing the problems of this world we encounter moving through life, I for one, prefer to share them with cannabis so as to carry them lightly. Life is more bearable with a positive attitude which I can once again achieve through this amazing gift from God - Cannabis.