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Stage 4 Esophical Cancer

This is about a friends fight with stage 4 esophical cancer which had spread to has stomach. A clinic in Boston gave him 3 months to live back in March so I made him a batch of RSO and he only took half the recommended dose.

After 6 weeks of RSO the doctor said that his cancer had reduced by 42% so them he started talking the full recommended dose (1gm a day) and after 3 months the tumor had reduced by 80%.

He went back last Saturday and we are anxiously waiting new results which are due today.

He hasn't told his doctor that he was using RSO because he's afraid they'll throw him out.

The doctor told him he has no idea why he's getting better, said it was unexplainable.

Initially the doctor told him if he had aggressive chemo/radiation treatments that maybe he'll have a year.

He did have 5 chemo treatments in the beginning but after that each time he went back for chemo they told him that he couldn't have it because of something to do with his white blood cells.

Now the doctor has stopped all chemo treatments.

My question to you is would you recommend juicing in lou of RSO or with RSO.......I also made a batch for a man with stage 4 tumor on his chin and they gave him 6 months to live after 4 months and no chemo or radiation he is cancer free.

When they went back to the Boston "cancer store" to tell the doctor the good news, they threw him out and wouldn't discuss it at all.