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Skin Care Information

Turmeric with Bioperine
We were all born with wonderfully smooth and creamy skin. As the years pass, our bodies are exposed to a multitude of chemical and environmental factors that constantly erode and damage our skin. While these assaults can not be stopped, with the right skin care information, we can mitigate and in some cases stop or reduce the effects.
We all had mothers who were convinced that the best way to clean your face was with hot water, a good soap and a wash cloth. While cleansing your face is a vital part of an every day routine, what you use and how is very important. First, only use warm water while washing. Hot water causes the skin to loss too much natural moisture. As for a cleanser, find one that is gentle, soap and oil free and removes dirt and make up without drying. Using a wash cloth is still a personal preference.
Most spas and boutiques promise wonderful skin results with a variety of facial treatments. More and more studies have reported that the biggest benefit of having a traditional facial is the relaxation that can occur during the process. The down fall of these office or spa based facial, instead of benefiting your skin, they actually can cause breakouts.

We all have learned that sun exposure can be very damaging to the skin. If you read the promotional materials put out by tanning bed manufactures, it indicates that tanning beds are much safer then being out in the sun. Well, in one sense, they are right. Tanning beds do protect you from the UV rays- that are the burning rays- of the sun. However, they still expose you to the UVA rays at a rate that is 2-3 times more than the sun and those are still damaging to skin cells. So, either way, stay away from tanning beds and out of the sun.